Hounslow Community Network

Bringing the voluntary & community sector of Hounslow together

About HCN

What is Hounslow Community Network?

Hounslow Community Network provides a collective voice for voluntary and community groups within Hounslow. We are currently working to establish a membership of 200 organisations, many of which will be small local community groups.

New members are always welcome simply click  the ‘members‘ link at the top of the screen for a membership form

The Network holds regular meetings, which are attended by an Executive Board (Steering Group) to support the direction of HCN and bring items of interest to the wider membership at Open Events, where key decisions concerning the VCS and HCN in general are taken. The dates of meetings are listed in the Community Calendar.

For further information contact Iain Elliott on 020 8280 2281 or email iain@ealingcvs.org.uk

How do we engage?

Hounslow Community Network (HCN) is the representative body for the voluntary & community sector of Hounslow. HCN has representation from forums that have substantial voluntary & community sector presence (e.g. Children &
Young People’s forum) and other small groups operating in the sector. These representatives make up the executive committee for a Community Network and serve to unify all forums with voluntary & community sector presence. In doing so, a Community Network can represent the wider voluntary & community sector and have a more effective voice with the local Council, local NHS, local Police, Hounslow Together (Local Strategic Partnership (LSP)) and other statutory partners.

Who can join the Network?

Hounslow Community Network (HCN) is open to all voluntary and community
groups operating in the Borough of Hounslow.

What are the benefits?

  • HCN gives groups a greater say in local decision making
  • HCN elects reps on to the Hounslow Together Partnership, plus other partnership boards and many working parties with statutory bodies
  • HCN provides regular briefings by e-mail and on its website, www.hounslownetwork.org.uk
  • HCN coordinates consultation with voluntary and community groups on behalf of statutory partners
  • HCN leads for the voluntary sector on Compact
  • HCN supports the development and works with voluntary sector themed and neighbourhood forums

How to join

Simply complete our online membership form

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